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Card - Birthday 02
Cover message:  For your birthday, I found you the IDEAL MAN  ...always there for you ...n..
Card - Birthday 03
Cover message:  heirloom tomatoes - A sweet, cherry-sized variety for a gardener who loves to g..
Card - Birthday 04
Cover message:  For your birthday... Inside message: A handful of diamonds.  Enjoy..
Card - Birthday 05
Cover message:  I was going to get you a Swiss army knife... Inside message: …and then ..
Card - Birthday 06
Cover message:  I'd buy you a Van Gogh... Inside message: …if I had the Monet.  Ha..
Card - Encouragement 01
Cover message:  When life hands you lemons.... Inside message: I'm ready to squeeze!&nb..
Card - New Baby 01
Cover message:  a new little sprout Inside message: Enjoy every moment as your sweet ba..
Card - Sympathy 01
Cover message:  Some lives leave seeds that continue to bloom   Inside message: …a..
Card - Thank You 01
Cover message: Thanks! Inside message: …you made my day! ..
Card - Thank You 02
Cover message:  thank you Inside message: You have a heart of gold! ..
Card - Thinking of You 01
Cover message:  Thinking of you... Inside message: …and wishing you the comfort of fami..
Card - Thinking of You 02
Cover message:  a spoonful of sugar Inside message: …helps the medicine go down!  ..
Card - Thinking of You 03
Cover message:  If a patch could mend a heart... Inside message: …I'd be at your side w..
Card - Thinking of You 04
Cover message:  Thinking of you... Inside message: and they say people don't write like..
Card - Wedding 01
Cover message:  just open the baggie... Inside message: …and toss the rice into the air..
roses, a sunflower, asters, viking mums, and alstroemeria with myrtle and lemon leaf ..


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